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Process Serve Registered Agents

As a registered process server we have experience serving registered agents in Sacramento, California and surrounding areas. Our fee to serve a registered agent is $125.

Registered Agents

California Registered Agent

1401 21st street STE R Sacramento, CA


3511 Del Paso Road #160-104 Sacramento, CA 95835

Sun doc Filings

7801 Folsom blvd. #202 Sacramento, CA 95826

Paracorp Incorporated

2804 Gateway Oaks Dr. #100 Sacramento, CA 95833

GKL Corporate/Search, Inc.

One Capitol Mall STE# 660 Sacramento, CA 95814

CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service

2710 Gateway Oaks Dr. STE 150N Sacramento, CA 95833

Corporation Service Company

2710 Gateway Oaks drive STE 150N Sacramento, CA 95833

Registered Agent Solutions Inc. (RASI)

1220 S st. STE# 150 Sacramento, CA 95811

Cogency Global

1325 J. St. STE 1550 Sacramento, CA 95814

NorthWest Registered Agent

2108 N. Street. Sacramento, CA 95816

Prentice-Hall Corporation Systems

2710 Gateway Oaks drive STE 150N Sacramento, CA 95833


720 14th St. Sacramento, CA 95814

Capital Corporate Service

455 Captiol Mall STE# 217 Sacramento ,CA 95814

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